Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Never Too Bougie To Shop At Ross!

Heyyyyyy sweeties! Long time, no post -_- ...sorry loves!
Wanna check out a great find from Ross (yes...from ROSS)? I bought these flats just yesterday from that store, and I couldn't wait to share my find with you guys! I looooove these shoes! They're from a brand called "On
Your Feet" that I've never heard of. This brand, though, is owned by Chinese Laundry. Now, I've heard of them for sure! I have a pair of purple heels from that brand that I bought from Macy's that are too hot to trot, so when I read that these shoes are basically by the same company I got excited. Check 'em out!

They have laces that are made of an actual lace material, and they are canvas all around. Do you all see those cut-outs? That, and the lacy laces, make this shoe unique! And I forgot to mention, this lovely find was only $9.99!!! I almost cheered when the cashier told me the price! Even though summer is basically over, and this shoe is more of a summer shoe, you will still catch me wearing them year-round. Except when it's raining...of course....

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