Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring & Summer MUST HAVE: Colorful Blazers!

If you watch my youtube videos, you know I love me some color! My key piece this spring has been my light pink blazer that I purchased from a THRIFT STORE of all places! It was a "love at first sight" kind of situation between my blazer and me...
As you know, a big trend this spring and summer is Color Blocking. What better way to do that than with a colored blazer?

The most covetous item for me this season would have to be a TEAL BLAZER!!!
I swear I would give up my future unborn pet cat for a teal blazer...

                                                                                  img source tumblr

If only I could find one...*tear* :'(
Have any of you guys given into the Color Blocking trend yet? 
If not, you totally should!!! ^_^

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nail Of The Day: Sally Hansen Eel Skin (Spring 2011 Prabal Gurung Collection)

I think I may have finally found a gray nail polish for me...

I don't usually wear gray polish, because I feel that it looks like crap on me. BUT I think I like this one!

 This is Eel Skin from Sally Hansen's new Spring Prabal Gurung Collection. I found this at Walgreens for $7.99 ($6.99 with a coupon!).
This is a part of that same designer collection I mentioned in my previous post. I found most of the collection at Target, but this little sucker was not on the collection's display. I was afraid they weren't going to release this color. Thankfully, Walgreens came through for me!
What are your thoughts on gray nail polish? Yay or Nay?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rihanna "California King Bed" Inspired Makeup!

Hey everyone!!! ^_^

I hope everyone is doing well! Finally, here's the blog post on the Rihanna "California King Bed" Inspired Makeup Tutorial I did.

Product List

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet N' Wild e/s Palette in Walking On Eggshells (the vanilla highlight color)
Wet N' Wild Single e/s in Penny
Wet N' Wild Palette in Vanity (The dark reddish-brown & gold)

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC42
Mac MSF in Medium/Dark
Rock & Republic blush in All Nighter

Revlon Pink In The Afternoon
NYX gloss in Cafe Latte

Personally, I think this makeup is great for everyday wear =)
Hope you guys like it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

NEW Nyx Round Lipstick Colors for Summer 2011!

I've always been a fan of NYX Round Lipsticks. Not only are they a great price, but they're also great quality too!
Recently, NYX released some new colors for their Round Lipsticks collection.
I hope these swatches are more true to life than not, because if they are then I see a NYX haul in my near future!

New shade names:
- Haute Melon                         - Pure Red                            - Rose
- Vivaldi                                 - Pink Lyric                           - Shiva
- Haute Couture                      - Gala                                  - Uberchic
- Muse                                   - Tweed                         - Fortune Cookie
 - Blush                                 - Chic                                  - Paparazzi
- Peach Bellini                        - Stella                                - Chic Red
- Marrakesh Pink                     - Iconic                                - Pure Nude
- Minimalism                           - Hot Pink                                     - Lip Du Jour

Do you see a hue that you may be interested in?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Forever 21 Haul & Outfit Of The Day

In case you missed my latest Forever 21 haul video, here's a little recap!

I purchased this cross tank, and it has to be one of the coolest things Forever 21 has sold in a while. I LOVE IT.
It's a black burnout tank with rhinestones on it that make the shape of a cross.
It was only $14.50!

This studded bracelet is also pretty awesome, if I do say so myself! It was $7.80, and totally worth it! 
The necklace is so says "Hello" on side of the pendant, and "Goodbye" on the other. I had to have I've never seen a pendant like that before. It was only $3.80. Such a great price, don't ya think?

Here's my OOTD from 5/18, same day I recorded the haul:

shirt - Obey
harem pants - forever 21

And lastly, here's the haul video! ♥

OPI Holiday 2011 THE MUPPETS !!!!

OPI is partnering with...with...THE MUPPETS!!!!!!!!
*runs around hysterically* 

I am over the moon right now with this news!
I used to watch the Muppets all the time while growing up. I even used to watch their cartoon, the Muppet Babies!
OPI always outdoes themselves with their holiday collections, especially the ones where glitter is involved. However, now that I know the MUPPETS are involved too, I think it might just be their best holiday collection yet!

Color Names:
Wocka Wocka! <- when I first read this, I read it as "Wocka Flocka" LOL
Pepe’s Purple Paassion 
Designer…de Better! 
Warm & Fozzie 
Rainbow Connection 
Excuse Moi!r 
Gone Gonzo! 
Fresh Frog of Bel Air 
Divine Swine 
Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It! <- ♥ this name!

This is what the mini set will look like:

I know it's a bit early to be worried about the holidays, but with a collection like this rolling around, I seriously can't wait!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Swatch: Sally Hansen Coral Fever (Spring 2011 Tracey Reese Collection)

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but coral has got to be one of my favorite colors of the moment. I'm even starting to think I need to add more coral pieces to my wardrobe, I love it so much!
Until I get the chance to do that, coral nail polish can help with my coral cravings. 
This is Sally Hansen's new Coral Fever polish from the Spring 2011 Tracey Reese collection. I. Am. In. Love. 
It's funny because I thought my favorite out of the collection would be the Barracuda polish. I haven't swatched that one yet, but I'm thinking Coral Fever beats that one out already!

I think this color would look great against most skintones, but if you're around my complexion I think this color is a must!

*applauds Sally Hansen*
Job well done!

Hot Pink Pants For A Smokin' Hot Summer

It's about to be summer soon, so colorful pants are back "in"!!
If you're like me, they never left...
The hottest color of them all when it comes to bottoms for this summer seems to be HOT PINK. Pair hot pink pants with a neutral colored top, and you're in business! 
Personally, I've been on the hunt for some pink bottoms for a while now. So far, my search has been unsuccessful -__- Don't be like me ladies!
What do you think of colroful pants? Would you ever rock them? 
If you have seen them in stores, WHERE??? Lol!

pics via Zara & Google

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nail Of The Day: China Glaze Shocking Pink w/OPI Black Shatter!

Hey my loves! Hope everyone is doing well =)

I would be doing great, it was wasn't RAINING cats & dogs outside!!! I know I've said this before, but I seriously can't stand the's such a downer for me -__-

So since it's been raining, I decided to try and brighten my mood with bright colored nails!

Whoever said neons are hard to photograph was not lying! I took so many pictures of this bad boy, and none of the pictures came out color-correct!! I don't own photoshop, so sadly I couldn't change the color of my pictures to make them more true to life =(

I think this picture above is the most color accurate out of all the pictures I took, but this pink is definitely lighter in person. On my nails, I'm wearing China Glaze Shocking Pink, with OPI Black Shatter on my index. Yup, I'm a fan of accent nails =)

 In case you were wondering, this is the same pink polish I was wearing during my latest Nicki Minaj inspired makeup tutorial!

I ♥ you neon pink!
Doesn't this color scream "SUMMER TIME!"? ^_^

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" Inspired Makeup Look (#2)

Here it is! Look #2 from Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" music video! Here's my recreation of the third makeup look she wore during the video. I should be doing one more "Super Bass" inspired makeup look after this one =)

I'm lovin' the neon pink lips!!

 Products List

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo e/s Pencil in Milk
Wet N' Wild single e/s in Brulee (highlight)
Wet N' Wild e/s Palette in Vanity (the soft brown color in my upper crease)
Mac e/s in Going Bananas
Coastal Scents 42 Matte Palette (the light blue in my outer corner & green in my outer "v")
Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black 
L'oreal Million Lashes Mascara

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC42
Mac MSF in Medium/Dark
Mac MSF in Petticoat

Mac Candy Yum Yum (LOVE this lip color!)

My "Nicki" face!!!! Ha ha!

I also did the makeup tutorial for this look so you can check that out HERE! Hope you guys like it! ;D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Spring 2011 Designer Collection haul + Some Jewelry!

Hey ladies & gents! I missed you all!! XoXo!!!

I've got a nail polish haul post for you all today :D
I was waiting and waiting for this collection to be released, and it FINALLY was. However, it was released at the most unlikely of places!! I found the new Tracy Reese and Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen Spring 2011 Collection at TARGET! 

     Normally, the limited edition collections for Sally Hansen are carried at drugstores like Walgreens and Rite Aid, so when I found out they were selling them at Target I was shocked! Not only were they being sold at Target, but they were also being sold at Target for under the usual retail price!!! *insert happy dance here* I couldn't believe my eyes! When I found the display (which I should have taken a picture of..smh) I grabbed the colors I wanted first, then I checked out the price. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes usually retail for about $7 - $8. At Target, the new Spring collection was priced at $5 a pop! Whoohoo!! 

Here's the colors I picked up!
 From left to right: Model Behavior,  Barracuda, Delphinium, First Kiss, & Coral Fever

I went to two different target stores in total to find every color I wanted. Yeaaa....I was a little bit obsessed with finding Barracuda and First Kiss lol! Barracuda was sold out almost EVERYWHERE. Trust me, I called around. If you want Barracuda I suggest you hurry to your nearest Target, because that color is obviously the hot seller of the collection! I'll try to have swatches posted soon if you guys would like to see them =)

Now, on to the jewelry!

Within less than 24 hours, this necklace has become one of my favorites!! I'm am LOVING this tribal trend that's going on right now in the fashion world. I am also very pleased that Target is picking up on the trend! I got this lovely necklace from the same Target where I picked up Sally Hansen Barracuda. This necklace is so ME! The rainbow colors, the patterns.. ♥ ! Right after I purchased it, I threw off the tag and put it on! I believe this necklace was $14. It's a great piece for this Spring and Summer!

 This necklace I got from my mom =)
She just gave it to me today, and I really like it! Again, it ties in with the tribal, Navajo trend that's going on with fashion this season. I plan on wearing this necklace either alone, or with the other necklace I just showed you from Target. I think the combination will look quite nice! 

What do you all think of this tribal trend that's becoming so big this season? Hot or not?
Also, what do you think of the new Sally Hansen Spring 2011 collection?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Nail Of The Day: Essie Absolutely Shore

Time to interrupt all these Nicki Minaj posts for a minute! Haha!!

I want to share with you all my nail of the day for today!! I'm absolutely loving this color! 
This is Essie Absolutely Shore! It's a new color from Essie's Braziliant Collection that just came out recently.The best way I can describe this color is as a VERY VERY light, pastel, minty green. It reminds me of a good way! 

Here the polish is in different lighting

The first picture I showed is the most color accurate to me. 
This color is great for this current Spring season! Essie nail polish is now sold almost everywhere, so if you're interested in this color you should be able to find it at either Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, or your local nails salon =)



Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" Inspired Makeup Look (#1)

I told ya'll I was gonna do it....
Yup....I made my own recreation of one of the makeup looks Nicki Minaj wore in her "Super Bass" music video! This is just one of the three looks I have planned to do, so stay tuned for those! :D

This was inspired by the very first makeup look she wore in the video with the yellow eyeshadow!

 Products List

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo e/s Pencil in Milk
Wet N' Wild single e/s in Brulee (highlight)
Wet N' Wild e/s Palette in Vanity (the soft brown color in my upper crease)
Coatal Scents 78 Color Palette (the brown color in my deep crease)
Mac e/s in Going Bananas

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC42
Mac MSF in Medium/Dark
Elf Blush/Bronzer Duo

Mac Pink Friday lipstick (oooooh yeaaaaaa!)

And here's my Nicki Minaj inspired faces! LOL!!!!!

I also did the makeup tutorial for this look so you can check that out HERE! Hope you guys like it! ;D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

FINALLY! Nicki Minaj - "Super Bass" Music Video

The music video I've been waiting two weeks for has been released! Nicki Minaj finally dropped the video for "Super Bass" after holding back the release last week. Yes, this is the same song that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were randomly rapping to in a couple videos that went viral on Youtube. Nicki goes through about four different wigs during this video if you notice, but I wasn't too concerned about her Lil' Kim-esqe hair. I was more concerned about her MAKEUP! I see at least three different makeup tutorials coming up VERY soon!!
Did you guys like the video? What about the makeup?? 

 Watch the video below:

FOTD: I Can't Wait For Fashion Flower!

Hey everybody!

My Fashion Flower order from Mac should be arriving today, but I couldn't wait to do a look inspired by the collection so here it is! I did this look yesterday, and even made a tutorial for it =)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo E/S Pencil in Milk
Wet N' Wild e/s Palette in Snow Sprite (the light green on the lid & the forest green in the outer corner)
Coatal Scents 88 Warm Palette (the gray-brown in the crease)
Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette (shimmery white highlight)

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC42
Mac MSF in Medium/Dark
Elf Candid Coral blush

Revlon Matte l/s in Smoked Peach

Have any of you bought anything from Mac's Fashion Flower collection? If so, what'd ya get?
Also, I was thinking of doing a haul video with my Fashion Flower goodies when they arrive! Would you guys wanna see that? Please let me know in the comments section :D
here's the tutorial on this makeup look!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nail Of The Day: Golden Rose 105, A Pink Holo!

I wanted to share with you all the nail color I showed you in my April Favorites 2011 video!

THIS is Golden Rose Holographic Color in 105...a pink holo!! :D

 I was told about this nail polish company by the fellow nail polish lover, Rachel Marie! Thanks Rachel!! 
However, I went to their site today to check for other colors, and they seemed to have raised their prices! GRRRRRRR....

I'm a huge holographic polish lover, yet I don't own that many holographic polishes. All the good ones were discontinued before I really got into nail polish :'(

This Golden Rose polish is not as holo as China Glaze's OMG collection nor their Kaleidoscope, which was full of MAJOR HOLO GOODNESS. *kicks self for not being into nail polish at the time*
However, since I sadly missed out on both of those collections, and I refuse to pay Ebay prices (which are ridiculous!) these Golden Rose holographic polishes will have to do for now. Maybe one day I will find those old China Glazes can only hope!

And can I just say that sushi is awesome?

 I had forgotten the awesomeness that is sushi...I will never forget again...
Till next time my loves!
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