Friday, February 10, 2012

My "Bill Cosby Sweater" Outfit Of The Day!

ooooooh yeaaaaaaa!

Who doesn't love Bill Cosby and his outrageously cool sweaters?

I found this gem at a local thrift store! For under 5 bucks!!!

rings: H&M (R) & Forever 21 (L)
watch: Target

earrings: Icing

shoes: MY MAMA'S! :D

What do you guys think of Bill Cosby sweaters? Would you rock one??



  1. there's only certain cosby sweaters this being one of them that I would wear but there are some that are like borderline cheesy christmas sweaters but I stay away from that by the way I love your rings!

    1. thank you! you always show me love, and I greatly appreciate it! =)

  2. aaah i love this outfit. I would so wear this!

  3. I commented a while ago but I think it might have been deleted because I had a link to my blog. Sorry about that I didn't see the note above! I apologize. But I was just wondering how you were able to get the word out about your blog and get so many followers? Thank you so much I love your blog and you are incredibly beautiful!

    1. I didn't get any word out. I only made videos and blog posts on things that interest me, and things I thought would interest others =)

    2. Awesome! Thank you so much!


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