Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Outfit Of The Day For A Very HOT Summer Day

I lvoe the summer, and all...BUT it's been hot as heck recently!!!
It doesn't make sense for the weather to be this hot....

 I can't handle the heat you guys....

top - H&M, shorts - Forever 21, belt - stolen from my mom >:)



  1. Cute look, girl! Lovin' the shorts. :)
    Here in Texas, it's hot all year round. XD
    Okay, not really... but maybe 75% of the year ahaha but I love wearing shorts and cute skirts and will miss wearing them once fall comes... but on the other hand I also love fall clothes. Anyway... I'm rambling, sorry haha.

  2. @Wendy dude...I went to Texas one time, and the humidity did me in as soon as I got off the plane!!! LOL! You're not rambling girl..I ramble all the time! XD

  3. I love it! I have to look keep looking for your Summer outfits because its getting hot here in Australia, anyways keep up with the videos girl! THE WOMEN NEED YOU!

  4. It's also freakin hot here! Our temperature today rose up to 33 degrees Celsius! I am gonna melt on this hot temp.

    Anyway, you are too cute on your outfit gurl! I envy your top!


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