Sunday, May 27, 2012

MAC Hey Sailor Haul, Thoughts, + Swatches!

Another year, another Mac summer collection!

Mac summer collections are usually my favorite makeup collection of the whole entire year, BUT this year I was quite disappointed. :(
And I say that as a certified MAC ADDICT.

This year, only 2 products tickled my fancy...those products being the Fleet Fast powder blush, and the Crew highlight powder!

Here is Fleet Fast blush! 
This blush is SO gorgeous, I kid you not! It's a beautiful dark coral color with golden shimmer.

You can actually see the golden shimmer in this picture! SO LOVELY!!

Crew highlight is probably going to be my favorite highlight this summer! It's basically 3 - 4 products in 1, depending on how you look at it. The highlight has three different surface colors, plus the beige highlight overspray. My only issue is that the beige highlight is an overspray, so eventually you'll run out of highlight powder, and only be left with the three blush-like colors. Lucky for me, I really like the three colors! ^_^

The purple is more of a lilac purple, the pink is your basic shimmery light pink, and the orange is like the orange of a cream-sicle pop!

Here's swatches in the sun! R-L: Fleet Fast, Crew (lilac, pink, orange, beige highlight, mixed)

And here's the swatches under florescent light!

Overall, I feel like I picked some EXCELLENT products. I love the two products I bought. I also just bought Riviera Life lip glass, but I have to wait for it to arrive...BOO :(

Here's my haul video! ♥

If you purchased anything from this collection, what'd you get and what did you think about it? Please share your thoughts below! =)


  1. Nice little haul! I didn't get anything from this collection (and I'm also a certified MAC nut). I'm mostly a lipstick/lipgloss gal and every color that tickled my fancy, I already seemed to have in some shape or form. Oh, well...

    1. yea, overall, this collection wasn't all that special =\

  2. i love mac collections but like you said this collection just didnt get to me (well the packaging did) i picked fleet fast blush and soft sand bronzer i wanted crew highlighter but it was out of stock but im still waiting for my products to arrive. im exited for the Marline Monroe collection and what ever the Christmas collection is going to be. i have watched your youtube for ages but never realised you had a blog

    1. yup yup! welcome to my lil' humble blog! ^_^ when your bronzer arrives, tell me how you like it! I was looking at the Hey Sailor bronzers, but wasn't too sure about them. I can't wait for the new mineralize collection to be released either! :)


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