Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HUGE Mac Haul: Glamour Daze Collection (Holiday 2012)

The Holidays are now HERE people!!!
Are guys excited?! This year went by waaaaaay too quickly, man! Christmas is next month. Next. Month. I can't believe this! I'm not ready y'all...lol!

With the holidays here, that means HOLIDAY MAKEUP!
I am here for holiday makeup! :D

I hauled from the Mac Glamour Daze collection. Glamour Daze is just one of a few holiday collections from Mac this year. It's also one my favorite collections they've released in a while!

(Dramatic Encounter, Outrageously Fun, Innocence)

The lipsticks from this collection are BOMB.COM!!!
My favorite by far is the pink one, which is called Outrageously Fun.

(I'm The One, Small Vanity)

The blushes were amazing in this collection!
I bought I'm The One and Small Vanity. I'm The One is a mid-tone blue pink, while Small Vanity is a dusty rose tan.

My favorite thing from this collection was the Extra Dimension eyeshadows. LOVE these beauties!

(Round Midnight, Divine Blue, Ready To Party, A Natural Flirt)

These eyeshadows are amazing! The finish of these is bananas!!
Divine Blue is a mid-tone aqua color. A Natural Flirt is a soft peachy nude. Round Midnight is a dark burgundy. Ready To Party is a light pink.

Now, here's some swatches. I will admit, these swatches kinda suck :(
They are not my best, by any means. Sorry guys! -___-

top row (all lipsticks): Innocence, Dramatic Encounter, Outrageously Fun
bottom row: Small Vanity blush, I'm The One blush, Divine Blue extra dimension eyeshadow

bottom row (all extra dimension eyeshadows): Round Midnight, A Natural Flirt, Ready To Party

Overall, I'm very happy with what I purchased. I didn't like the price increase (GRRRRR!), but other than that, the products are great! I especially love the shiny, all black packaging they did for this collection. It's cute!

Here's my video sharing my thoughts on the products I purchased from the Glamour Daze collection

Did you get anything from this collection? If so, what'd ya get? Let me know below! :)

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