Monday, November 19, 2012

NOTD: Sinful Colors In The Mist (from the Enchanted Collection!)

Don't wake me up, up, up, up, up, up....
Don't wake me up, don't wake me...
I don't wanna fall, fall, fall, fall asleep...
I don't wanna fall, unless I'm falling for GREEN!

He he he...yea...I love green polish, and this baby, here, is NO exception!
All Fall long, I've been wearing dark colors on my nails, and even my clothes (surprisingly). Usually, I don't let the seasons determine my color palette as far as makeup, nail polish, and clothing is concerned.  I have no idea what has taken over me this year, but I'm totally on a seasonal color scheme, and I don't mind it at all... :-\

This polish is In The Mist by Sinful Colors. It's one of the new polishes Sinful Colors released for Fall 2012, from their Enchanted Collection.

I love the murkiness of this polish! "Odd" colors always have a way of tickling my fancy (LOL).

I noticed how In The Mist looks different in each of my photos, but the first one is the most color accurate. 
This polish only needed 2 coats to reach the opacity you see here! YAY!!! I love 2-coaters!

This polish is available at Walgreens and Rite-Aid, for only $1.99! \o/

What do you think of In The Mist? Perfect greenish-grey creme? Too dirty lookin' for your taste? Let me know below!

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