Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hellloooo There

Hey all! Well..this is my first post EVER...& since I'm doing this last minute (shame shame) I'm just going to post a quick pic of my NOTD (Nail of the Day!). be honest, this is the Nail Of The OTHER new mani sucks..sooo non-postable. By the way, I'm VERY new to the nail game. I'm JUST learning how to do proper nail clean up & what not, so please excuse the air bubbles & bad cleanup! I used China Glaze Good Witch for every nail, except the ring finger. For the hearts, I used China Glaze Spontaneous & for the dots I used China Glaze IV. As you can tell, I REALLY love China Glaze.
This mani was semi-inspired by Valentine's Day. I probably should do a full-on V-DAY MANI!! Or not..maybe an anti-vday >:) lol


  1. i loveee this one girl!!! the ring finger looks SOO SOO professional and freaking HOTTT!!!

    <3 great job loveyy


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