Saturday, September 22, 2012

I have not been excited about flats in a long LOOOONG time...
that is, until I saw THESE babies!

They are indeed shoes shaped in the form of a mouse, but not just any mouse! These shoes are shaped like an edgy, fierce studded mouse! :)
These shoes are by the brand Bumper, a shoe brand I had not heard of until I found these lovely creatures! These shoes are called the Bumper Sappi Studded Flat.

As soon as I saw these shoes, I knew they were meant for me. However, it was upon further inspection that I realized these shoes reminded me of shoes I had longed for previously but never purchased because of the price...

The shoes I purchased are the budget-friendly version of the Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flat!!!
The Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flat sells for $250, while the Bumper Sappi Studded Flat was only $26 total, after shipping, because of a 20% off code I used! 
The only difference I can tell between the two versions of the mouse flat shoes is that the Marc By Marc Jacobs version is made of leather, and the Bumper version is made of velvet! I CAN DEAL
♥ ♥ ♥

I am overly excited about the Bumper mouse flat, I admit! I can't believe that FINALLY a dupe of the Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flat has hit the streets! I've had my eye on the Marc Jacobs version for ages, but the price was not a price I was willing to pay (250 bucks for a pair of flats? NO THANK YOU...). Thankfully, now I won't have to! :D
If you're interested in the Bumper version of the mouse flat, I found them HERE! 

What do you think of these Bumper shoes?
Have you ever owned any shoes by this brand before? If so, how did you like them?
If not, are you interested now?
As far as I'm concerned, Bumper has gained a new fan!

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