Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spotted & Hauled!: NEW Sinful Colors Enchanted Collection

I am a huge fan of dusky, dark creme polishes. I've always liked the dusty quality to them, for some reason. They're not what girls typically wear, ya know? Not bright, red or pink, and cheery, and I loves it!
If you're also a fan of dark and dusty creme polishes, then the Enchanted collection from Sinful Colors will be right up your alley!

I picked up these murky beauties from my local Rite Aid, where they were $1.99 each...SUCH a bargain! There are 8 polishes total in this collection, but I only bought 6. I already owned two from the collection: Last Chance and Rain Storm

The six brand spankin' new colors I purchased are (from left to right) Muse, In The Mist, Jungle Trail, Mesmerize, Inkwell (my favorite, so far!), and Smokin.

I absolutely love the look of Inkwell! I know it looks black in pictures, and even more so in person, BUT it's a very, VERY dark and vampy purple! It's quite lovely and mesmerizing, to be honest. The fact that it tricked me at first glance into thinking it was black totally made me grab it...I knew something had to be up! No way was Sinful Colors going to give me a regular black polish amongst all these smokey delights! Nawl, not happenin'. And I was right! ^__^

So far, I love all the colors from this collection. They are SO on point for the fall season, and creme polishes and my favs. If you're someone that's not typically into dusty colors, I suggest you give one of these polishes a try. At $1.99, it won't hurt ya to try just one... ;P
*FYI* It has come to my attention that the Sinful Colors Enchanted collection is also being sold at Walgreens, but under a different name, At Walgreens, they're calling it the Sinful Colors Muse collection (named after one of the polishes from the collection...hmmm). I find it weird that they chose the name change for Walgreens stores, but whatevs.

Have you seen this collection yet? If so, did you pick up anything that tickled your fancy? 

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