Thursday, June 7, 2012

NOTD: Revlon Nail Art FrenchMix in Sneak Peek

I looooove great drugstore finds! ♥
While minding my business in Rite Aid the other day, I stumbled upon this lovely nail art duo by Revlon! It was in it's own seasonal display, and calling my name... O_O

These Revlon Nail Art French Mix duos are meant to be used to create a colorful French manicure, but I'm not too fond of French manicures myself. Even though the colors are complimentary to each other, I love them more separately! My favorite color of the two would have to be the periwinkle blue color! It's such a pretty dusty blue! 

(above is the periwinkle blue color in the shade)

Have any of you picked up one of the new Revlon Nail Art French Mix Duos? If so, which one caught your attention? =)



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