Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Old) Nail Of The Day: Hard Candy Lava with Savvy Glass Slipper

     I have sooo many old nail of the day pictures to post, it's ridiculous. They're all from the time when I wasn't blogging/didn't know how to blog/didn't feel like blogging. I have some old Halloween NOTDs and even a Christmas one. For shame...for SHAME.
     I don't own many Hard Candy polishes, but the day after I put this one on, I went to Walmart and bought a few more. I think I'm in love with Hard Candy. Too bad it's a Walmart exclusive. I say this because I live by the most ghetto Walmart stores in the world. I'm almost positive that my Walmart has been featured on that website "People of Walmart" or whatever its called. It's the website with classic pictures of what NOT to wear. Ever. In life. Now, on to the pictures!

Hard Candy Lava layered with Savvy Glass Slipper
Hard Candy Lava seems to me to be a glittery foil (if thats even possible), with red and gold glitter. It's absolutely stunning. I had to jazz it up even more, so I added a nail polish from Sallys. I used Savvy Glass Slipper, which is a light blue shimmer polish. I wish I had direct sunlight the day I took these pictures, because my photos do NOT truly capture how lovely this mani was!

More photos after the jump! Please read on! 

Soooo pretty! 

Do you see that bottle? Look at how pretty lava is by itself..*drool*

do you own any Hard Candy polishes? If so, what are they? Do you love them?

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