Monday, January 31, 2011

Zoya Haul!

Hey sweeties! As I mentioned on my twitter Zoya had the hugest sale EVER. They were giving away FREE NAIL POLISH. Yes. FREE. All you had to do as a customer was pay for shipping, which was about $7, and you got to choose 3 different polishes for free!  So I bought one and got the rest for free. 3-Free deal...can't beat that. I was beyond ecstatic to participate in such a sale so... I hauled ;) 

Zoya Polishes From Left to Right: Elodie, Ki, Shawn, and Bijou

Zoya Elodie. Pinky-coral cream polish.

Zoya Shawn. Mossy green cream polish.

Zoya Bijou. A hot pink neon jelly polish WITH SHIMMER!

Zoya Ki. A duochrome polish that flashes purple and green. I haven't tried it on the nail yet, so it might even have another color aspect to it that I haven't noticed yet.

close up pic so you can see the duochrome! 

Hopefully I'll have some swatch pictures up soon. My favorite so far in the bottle has to be Elodie, because I love the color coral. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint on the nail!

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