Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nail Of The Day: Sally Hansen Delphinium (Spring 2011 Tracey Reese Collection)

I seriously cannot get enough of Sally Hansen's Spring 2011 Tracey Reese collection!

Delphinium is the perfect dusty lavender for me! ^_^

I'm in love guys....

It's pastel, but not too pastel-y...just lovely!
Sally Hansen's Delphinium is available at Rite Aid and Walgreens for about $7.99. They were also carrying the Tracey Reese collection at Target last month, but I'm assuming most of the colors are sold out already since they were only $5 there. Feel free to still try your luck at your local Target if you're interested! I know if I tried, I would fail (totally not even close to being the luckiest person in the world, unfortunately...).

If you'd like to know more about Sally Hansen's designer collection for this Spring please click HERE for my original post!

What are your opinions on "dusty" pastel colors? Cute? Or not "Springy" enough? And did any of you pick up a color from Sally Hansen's spring line? =)


  1. I follow you on youtube too!! Check out me blog :)

  2. Oops im sorry i didnt see the no blog links... Very sorry. i love ur style!

  3. @mariajustjernov it's all good hun ;)


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