Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ulta Haul ...Whoop Whoop!

Guess who had a ball at Ulta the other day?
Yea yea...it was ME :D 

It wasn't intentional, but everything I purchased ended up being from the brand Essence...kind of odd, right?

From the Essence Blossoms etc... collection for Spring, I got a lipgloss called Naive, and three polishes. The polishes are I Like (mint green), Forget-Me-Not (periwinkle blue), and Bloom-A-Loom (lavender).
I also picked up all three of their new gel liners! I purchased London Baby (brown with shimmer), Berlin Rocks (purple with shimmer), and Midnight in Paris (black...no shimmer..BOO). 
I also bought a mini nail polish called Irreplaceable. I can't wait to swatch that one..sooo much shimmmaaaah!!! 

I also purchased two essence brushes. I bought their gel eyeliner brush, and the smokey eye brush, which is basically a small blending brush.

Here's the haul video, where I'm a bit more descriptive about the items:

ALSO, here's a song I've been jamming to all day! It reminds me of old school R&B a little bit from the late 90s... it's Mary J. Blige featuring Nicki Minaj. The song is called "Feel Inside". ♥ !


  1. I've really been wanting to try some Essence products.. this is a great haul! You should def do a post on the brushes, I'd like to know if they're worth buying ;)

  2. Nice haul! Can't wait to see some swatches and reviews on your goodies. =)


  3. I'd love to see swatches of the gel eyeliners.

    Also, Irreplaceable is awesome!

  4. This reminds me, I reallllly need to go makeup shopping! :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. @D.Sadie I plan on having both reviews and swatches soon for you guys!

  6. @Madeline I have a post coming up ASAP with swatches of the liners =)

  7. @Dee O. yes...yes you do! *totally enabling* lol :P


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