Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Peek Into My Summer Style!

This summer, color has been the name of the game for me, in terms of fashion and what I've chosen to wear. I love color, especially in the spring and summer! Those are the best seasons to pretend to be Rainbow Brite's best friend, just as I have ^_^
 These past couple of months, I've tried to incorporate bright colors into most, if not ALL, of my summer outfits.

(earrings: f21, rings: vintage, neckalce: jewelmint, bracelets: forever 21, h&m)

It's funny, though, because my jewelry has been pretty toned down this summer. Not too colorful, and mostly silver and gold. Hmm. Kind of odd for me, but whatevs!

This is an outfit I wore last week. This probably has to be one of my favorite outfits I wore this summer! It's a bustier from Urban Outfitters, thrifted belt, and thrifted shorts.

These Forever 21 nude oxfords have officially been worn the hell out..LOL! They are my favorite pair of flats this summer, because they are the perfect pair of shoes to tone down any colorful outfit. As said previously, I've been one colorful lady this summer, so these shoes were perfect for me!

This was my Face Of The Day I wore the day I was wearing my "favorite" outfit of this summer!
Very bright and colorful, just like I like it! ♥

Check out my July Summer Lookbook video, for an even larger glance into my Summer Style!

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