Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites 2011!

I never usually do a "Favorites" post on my blog, but this month I figured...why not?

I didn't have too many new beauty or fashion favorites this month...

the three "beauty" favorties were:
- Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Antiqued Gold
- Lip Smackers in Fanta Strawberry
- Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

I was skeptical when purchasing the Sally Hansen crackle topcoats, only because I had heard such negative things about them after they were released. However, Antiqued Gold is a great crackle topcoat! Not only does it dry fast, it also looks great over every color! It also cracks very nicely on the nail.

I always love Lip Smackers lip balms. Always. I think you're never too old for Lip Smackers!
I bought a variety pack a few months ago, and so far my favorite out of the pack is Fanta Strawberry. It's very moisturizing, and tastes just like strawberry soda. What's not to love about that?

As far as the Mac Pro Longwear foundation, I find the formula to be very similar to their Studio Fix Fluid. The only difference is that it lasts way longer! It lasts all day for me. I can put in on in the morning, and not touch it up at all throughout the day. I ♥ it!

Also, this past month, my love for Big Red gum was rekindled...
I bought two packs last month...chewed it all the time...I was addicted -__-

Wrigley's has raised their gum prices!!!
WHAT THE HECK WRIGLEY! I don't wanna pay $1.50 for a slim pack of gum! >:o

whatever though...darn economy...

If you want to know about my other favorites this month, please check out my video below =)


  1. i have that same crackle polish and i'm still not having luck with it. i can't get it to "crackle" very well. maybe i'm applying it wrong?? & I haven't had luck with the Pro Longwear foundation in finding a shade. :/ I went to MAC & was matched to NC35 & given a sample. Went home and tried it, and it was WAYY too light and flat. I then was recommended NC40 and tried it yesterday- it blended well along my jawline, but when i had it all over my face, it was still looking flat, dull, & washed out! Now, I've worn Studio Fix Fluid in NC40, Mineralize Satinfinish in NC42, & Face & Body in C4 ,and they match me well and don't make me look washed out at all. I really wanted to try the Pro Longwear :/

  2. @smathianas did you try applying a thick coat of the crackle? that's what I did, and it worked for me. try that if you haven't already =) As far as the Pro Longwear, I basically had to match myself. The Mac associate helped a little, but I already knew I was lighter than I was before, which was NC42, so I just guessed my new shade. I'm sorry you can't find one that works for you :(


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