Friday, August 19, 2011

Kelly Rowland at The X-Factor Press Launch: Wedges = WIN

Two days ago, Kelly Rowland attended a press launch for the tv show/competition The X-Factor, which is aired in the UK.
Let me just say her entire outfit was awesome, but those shoes...*fans self*
Honey child...those wedges are TDF (to die for) !!
The dress, a backless number from the Versace Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection, was stunning. She paired the cocktail dress with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti wedge booties. 

And check out her makeup!
I love how she complimented the green of her dress with green on her lower lid. Her lashes are pretty darn awesome too!

For those of us who can only dream of the Giuseppe Zanotti wedge booties, I may have a nice, cheaper alternative...
 these wedges can be found on for $27.80. Quite a bargain, eh?

So what do you think of Kelly's whole look? Hot or not? 


  1. I love those shoes. I just wish I had occasions to wear nice shoes!

  2. @Madeline I wear nice shoes anywhere >_> lol!


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