Friday, August 19, 2011

Mac Semi Precious Collection: Swatches & My Thoughts

Hey peeps!
Guess what happeend to me yesterday? For the first time ever, someone STOLE a package of mine!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!
So all day, I've been...

Yup. That pretty much explains how I felt all day. Inside the package this thief freak'n stole were two very hard to find nail was Essie's Cindy-rella, a polish I've been searching for for months now, and the other was a polish by Elizabeth Arden, a company that doesn't even MAKE polish anymore! *weeps*
Why must some people be so cruel, unkind, and stupid? I just don't get it...

Alrighty... enough of my pity party!

As you guys know if you saw my recent mac haul video already, I made a purchase from the Mac Semi Precious collection. My purchase was small compared to a lot of other people, but these eyeshadows were not cheap!

From this collection I got:  Golden Gaze, Smoked Ruby, Blue Sheen, & Gem of Roses!

Here's the swatches:
from L - R: Gem of Roses, Blue Sheen, Smoked Ruby, Golden Gaze

I loved all the shadows! They all had EXCELLENT pigmentation and staying power. But the star of the show had to be...


 I would probably marry this eyeshadow if I could...just sayin'...
I already did a makeup look with this lovely shadow that you can check out HERE!

Soooo basically, grab Golden Gaze while you still can! Gem of Roses lipstick is nice, but not a MUST-HAVE. The other eyeshadows are great too, but probably more difficult to integrate into an everyday eye look. Which is why I like Golden Gaze so much..*hugs Golden Gaze*

Did you pick up anything from the Semi Precious collection? If so, what'd ya get? If not, what would you like to get?

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