Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Last Outfit of The Summer..BOO =(

It was nice while it lasted....

 ...but all good things must come to a sad, abrupt end...

I'm going to miss those wonderful summer days

BUT I'm not going to miss those long, hot, uncomfortable nights..couldn't even sleep under a cover, it was so damn hot!

 Bye bye summer time =(


  1. While I'm going to miss summer days I'm also excited for school. :D
    Not to mention fall weather clothing... sooo ready for boots, long-sleeves, cozy sweaters... but it makes me hot right now to even wear something like that. XD
    Cute outfit and jewelry! Loveee your earrings. <3

  2. @Wendy thanks girl! It is still too hot to wear cozy sweaters, that's for sure!


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