Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Order Featuring A Jeffrey Campbell Look-a-Like!

I hadn't ordered from Lulus in FOREVER...(well over a year)
but then I saw THESE:

Aren't they lovely? *_*
They're by the brand Qupid. When I saw them, I knew I'd have to get them! I don't have any all black heels. wardrobe is lacking the basics =(

Then it hit me..I've seen these before! Don't they remind you of something verrry familiar?

YES! They are the cheaper, more budget-friendly version of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita!!! 
The Lita sells for about $165 while the shoe I purchased, the Qupid Puffin Lace Up Booties, sell for $45. You DID read that correctly...$45 !!!!&$^#%!%@

I can't wait to receive my order so that I can show you guys how they look in real life! I'm truly excited because I've had my eye on the Litas for a long time, but I wasn't willing to shell out $165 for them. Now I don't have to! Whoohoo :D
If you're interested, I found the Lita look-a-like HERE
What do you think of these Qupid shoes? 
Have you ever owned any before? If so, how did you like them?
If not, are you interested now? I know I am!

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