Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Crosses, Paint Splatter, & Sparkle!

Is it bad that I don't dress according to the season?'s not that serious. Lol!

I don't think I EVER dress according to season.
If you look back through some of my outfit of the day post, I probably look like I was dressing for the winter in the summer, and dressing for the fall in the spring.
I cannot tell a lie...I don't care what season it is most of the time.
I dress how I want to dress
Just sayin'...

Here's a better look at the shoes I was wearing!
These flats are from Forever 21. I bought them last year, and have loved them ever since!
here's the video of my outfit! =)

aaaaand here's a picture of the Most Adorable Kid Of The Day!! :D
you can't totally smiled when you saw the picture of the kid huh????
This picture totally inspires me to start meditating again!
Til next time...


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