Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rihanna Debuts New Music Video - "We Found Love"

I am not lying when I say this is probably one of the BEST music videos I've seen all year.
This is definitely the best music video by Rihanna that I've ever seen. 
It's so good, I just had to share it with you all!
It portrays how love can be a wonderful thing, yet also dangerous and tormenting.
The whole time I watched this video, I couldn't help but think of Rihanna's past relationship with Chris Brown...
Watch the video below!
what did you think?


  1. It’s one of my favorite vids that she’s made. Two people wildly in love but with such destructive habits that it consumes them. The monologue at the beginning is very moving – when it’s over you almost wish that you could have the bad stuff back so that you could have the good – I think that really sums up why people keep going back to a partner that they know is bad for them, they simply cannot imagine a life without them. I liked how she took a stand in the end and left. I’m from Barbados as well so big up to my hometown girl Ri-Ri! Love the makeup look that you did from the vid!

  2. So powerful... all the rage and insanity of being with someone who you love so much but is destroying your life.... Watching this I felt something very real, almost as though Rihanna were right there telling me her own story on a very personal level. I wanted to comfort her in a way.


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