Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Drugstore Sighting: NYC Expert Last Nail Polish!

Hello sweethearts! Guess what I spotted this weekend at Rite-Aid? A new nail polish display!!

NYC New York Color has released a new limited edition nail polish line called NYC Expert Last Nail Polish! Look at those colors!!! Mint green and pastel yellow..so perfect for spring! Unless you're like me, and wear whatever polish color you want to during whatever season..lol. These polishes retail for about $2.49, which is a bit more than the $1.99 price of the polishes in their permanent display. However, I think the bottles of these polishes are slightly larger than the bottles of their permanent line polishes. And yes, I did pick up a few colors so if you'd like to see some swatches or if you want a review please let me know! =]

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