Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sally Hansen CRACKLES Are Coming!

O-M-Freak'n-G....Sally Hansen is hopping aboard the crackle train!Yes, ladies and gents, crackle polish will be available in a drugstore near you come this summer. The beauty editor for Teen Vogue, Eva Chen, tweeted this picture yesterday. They are rumored to be released this June. I am pumped! I'm a big crack fan (haha). What do you guys think of the new Sally Hansen polishes? Are you excited at all?


  1. I am so psyched for these! I can't wait I want to snatch up like five of the colors on the day I see them in Walgreen's. Thanks for posting this!

  2. @Pamela H I'm sooo excited for these as well! The purple one is calling my

  3. Just so you guys know there 6.99 each and the gold one doesnt really crackle.

  4. @Elizabeth are you serious? Well, that sucks =(
    Thanks for the warning though. I guess I'll just wait for OPI to release the different colored crackles now!

  5. @la mas bella I just bought the gold one, so I hope mine cracks as well as your's!


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