Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Hate On The Dollar Tree!

   If you're a nail polish lover like myself, and you've never stepped into a Dollar Tree store, you're missin' out honey! I know people that won't step into a dollar store because they think it's "low class" or whatever. I always just shake my head and go in and come out with little treasures. Then the same people that say the Dollar Tree is "low class" are the same people that ask me "Hey! Where did you get that nail polish from?". And then I tell them, an they wear a look of total shock and surprise! HAHA!!
    I went into the Dollar Tree the other day, not thinking I was going to find much since the last time I went in they had the same beauty products from last month. I was surprised to find something I've been searching for for a couple of weeks...Covergirl Anti-Freeze! It's a polish that was discontinued a few years ago. Its another polish that came out when I wasn't and couldn't be into nail polish like I am today, so of course I missed out on it back in the day.I can't wait to swatch this color for you all! I think you guys are going to love it!

 That's Anti-Freeze on the left and Peacock on the right, which is also a very pretty color. Just not as awesome as Anti-Freeze... they came in a pack so it was actually two nail polishes for a dollar! *fist pump*
What do you think of my purchase, my fellow bargainistas? Did I do ok?


  1. Love it I never got a chance to find any cover girl nail polishi would love to

  2. @EsteeDarla yes, Covergirl nail polishes are actually very nice! I hope you're able to find some soon ^_^


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