Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day NOTD!

Hello all my Valentine's day lovers (& haters :P)! I hope everyone is having a good day today, whether you have a Valentine or not! Just think of it this way...God blessed you with another day to live, so there's no reason to complain! This holiday isn't an official holiday's not like you get school or work off to Make this V-Day a Me-day if you don't have a Valentine. Treat yourself!

Anyways, on to my NOTD specifically for V-Day!

it started off like this:

 This is OPI Big Hair...Big Nails. I LOVE this color! OPI calls the formula a "sorbet" which is basically another name for "jelly" in this case. And luckily, I am a jelly lover! This is from their Texas collection.

this pic was taken in the sunlight

And THIS is my Valentine/Anti-Valentine's Day mani! I used OPI Black Shatter for the heart. I really like how it looks, I just wish my heart looked more like a heart! Lol! Please ignore the dent on my ring happened while I was trying to make the heart. Did anyone else wear a special mani for today?

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