Monday, February 28, 2011

Wonder Woman Nail Art FAIL

I can't believe I'm even posting this major FAIL. 

Its a fail in so many different ways.... 
Instead of creating the Wonder Woman W's I created the retro version of the World Wrestling Federation W's...I forgot the extra line in-between the W's to make it look like her symbol..FAIL. I put my topcoat on too soon so the design is hella smudged..FAIL. This was free-handed, I should've had the design in my head before I even started -___- ...another fail!

It took me forever to do, so yea, I'm posting it anyways!!!


It's ok though...I will soon prevail and create beautiful nail art again *runs to grab cotton balls and polish remover*


  1. nawww, i think it looks pretty good :] my faves are the index and ring finger designs xx

  2. @CarmenSays awww thank you! I think those are my favorite designs too!


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