Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New & Improved - NYX Nude On Nude Palette

A few months ago NYX released a palette that was sort of, kind of dupey to Urban Decay's ultimately sought after Naked palette. I believe it came with 9 neutral shades and two lip colors. Well, I guess NYX decided that the palette wasn't close enough to Urban Decay's so they revamped it. Let's just say, I couldn't be prouder. 

The new Nude on Nude palette contains 20 different neutral eyeshadow shades and 10 different lipcolors.

Doesn't it closely resemble the Naked palette??? CRAZY!
The palette comes with a mirror and two applicators, one for lips and one for eyes. Yes..they included what seems to be a useless sponge-tip applicator..SMH. When will these cosmetic companies learn...

The new NYX Nude on Nude palette is retailing for $25 on nyxcosmetics.com . I am really excited for this palette. I love color, but I'm still a big neutral fan. SO far, this palette shows promise! What do you think?

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