Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nail Of The Day: Sally Hansen Eel Skin (Spring 2011 Prabal Gurung Collection)

I think I may have finally found a gray nail polish for me...

I don't usually wear gray polish, because I feel that it looks like crap on me. BUT I think I like this one!

 This is Eel Skin from Sally Hansen's new Spring Prabal Gurung Collection. I found this at Walgreens for $7.99 ($6.99 with a coupon!).
This is a part of that same designer collection I mentioned in my previous post. I found most of the collection at Target, but this little sucker was not on the collection's display. I was afraid they weren't going to release this color. Thankfully, Walgreens came through for me!
What are your thoughts on gray nail polish? Yay or Nay?


  1. I really like the gray nail polish!

  2. What a pretty color! I love gray polish. :)

  3. @Wendy @itsFASHiontime Thanks ladies! I also love gray polish! It just seems so chic =)


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