Saturday, May 21, 2011

NEW Nyx Round Lipstick Colors for Summer 2011!

I've always been a fan of NYX Round Lipsticks. Not only are they a great price, but they're also great quality too!
Recently, NYX released some new colors for their Round Lipsticks collection.
I hope these swatches are more true to life than not, because if they are then I see a NYX haul in my near future!

New shade names:
- Haute Melon                         - Pure Red                            - Rose
- Vivaldi                                 - Pink Lyric                           - Shiva
- Haute Couture                      - Gala                                  - Uberchic
- Muse                                   - Tweed                         - Fortune Cookie
 - Blush                                 - Chic                                  - Paparazzi
- Peach Bellini                        - Stella                                - Chic Red
- Marrakesh Pink                     - Iconic                                - Pure Nude
- Minimalism                           - Hot Pink                                     - Lip Du Jour

Do you see a hue that you may be interested in?

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