Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nail Of The Day: Golden Rose 105, A Pink Holo!

I wanted to share with you all the nail color I showed you in my April Favorites 2011 video!

THIS is Golden Rose Holographic Color in 105...a pink holo!! :D

 I was told about this nail polish company by the fellow nail polish lover, Rachel Marie! Thanks Rachel!! 
However, I went to their site today to check for other colors, and they seemed to have raised their prices! GRRRRRRR....

I'm a huge holographic polish lover, yet I don't own that many holographic polishes. All the good ones were discontinued before I really got into nail polish :'(

This Golden Rose polish is not as holo as China Glaze's OMG collection nor their Kaleidoscope, which was full of MAJOR HOLO GOODNESS. *kicks self for not being into nail polish at the time*
However, since I sadly missed out on both of those collections, and I refuse to pay Ebay prices (which are ridiculous!) these Golden Rose holographic polishes will have to do for now. Maybe one day I will find those old China Glazes colors...one can only hope!

And can I just say that sushi is awesome?

 I had forgotten the awesomeness that is sushi...I will never forget again...
Till next time my loves!

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